Warm and Welcoming Winter Blooms to Spruce up Your Home This January

The calm, quieter months of January and February are filled with an extra-special type of seasonal beauty. From blooms that remind you of crisp winter mornings to floral bouquets that perfectly complement a hygge styled home, winter décor is guaranteed to steal your heart with its simple chic and cosy style.

Contrary to popular belief, there is still plenty of floral beauty to be had at this time of year! Here’s our roundup of the seasonal stems making winter warm and welcoming. Not only are they guaranteed to take the chill away but they’re just perfect to spruce up your sideboards, windowsills and fireplaces!

  1. White Roses

Winter florals wouldn’t be the same without the addition of the white rose. Elegant and ethereal, the rose with its delicate petals is the perfect snow-inspired addition to any winter display. That’s why we’ve made this bloom the star of our Winter White Bouquet and Winter White Vase designs.

Wintery whites however are anything but cold! In fact, the combination of roses nestled with delicate white euphorbia, lush green foliage and thistles, makes us feel all warm inside. Looking for something equally charming but a little bit smaller? Our Pure Blush Posy Jar is the perfect combination of white with just a hint of pink – like rosy cheeks on a frosty day.  White roses, alstroemeria and pink hypericum berries come together to make this a soft, delicate and stylish addition to any home this winter.

  1. Lisianthus

The luxurious lisianthus is a winter bloom that everyone adores. Rose-like in appearance thanks to its wonderfully blousy petals, this bloom is breathtakingly pretty. Known for their incredibly long vase life, we love the extra texture and depth the lisianthus adds to our Winter White Bouquet as it intertwines its creamy white tones against bright white roses.  In our stunning Winterberry Bouquet we opted for colour – using bright cerise lisianthus to create a decadent, cosy vibe. Combined with beautiful red hypericum berries and velvety green foliage, these rich hues are luxurious and oh so atmospheric. We think they are the perfect antidote to the frosty season!

  1. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria always adds oomph to any arrangement thanks to its lily-like flowers and extra bushy leaves. Elegant and vibrant, these flowers cluster together beautifully to create a fantastic visual impact. We chose the stunning purple alstroemeria for our Winterberry Bouquet and Winterberry Vase designs. The deep rich hues of purple and indigo nestle majestically within the green and silvery grey foliage of this arrangement. We can’t get enough of their seriously luxe vibe. They make us think of log fires and candlelight and are 100% guaranteed to chase any winter blues away.

  1. Hypericum Berries

Playful and cheerful, the hypericum berries are so much more than foliage! This floral fave is not only reminiscent of wintery hedgerows, but its jewel-like berries help add gorgeous texture and shape to floral arrangements. Hypericum berries look lovely mixed in with lush greenery and their plump glossy buds leave little splashes of colour as they pop out of foliage and emerge between flowers.

Hypericum berries come in a variety of colours. We love the classic red berries in our Winterberry designs. They help to bring a luxurious feel and visual warmth to these arrangements. In our Pure Blush Posy Jar, we use dainty blush pink hypericum berries to encapsulate winter’s beautiful, serene and tranquil side. Whilst they may be small, hypericum berries pack a punch in the style department. If you ask us, these beautiful berries are an absolute seasonal must-have for every winter inspired home.

  1. Green Thistle

Despite its spiky exterior, the green thistle is a dreamy addition to every floral arrangement. With a rustic, earthy vibe, the green thistle is brimming with winter wow-factor. Bringing texture, depth and a wonderfully distinctive shape to bouquets, they stand out beautifully against delicate florals and lush foliage. Not only are they a little bit edgy and full of character adding a fantastic floral flair wherever they go. From our Winter White bouquet to our Winterberry hand-tie we’ve included the mighty green thistle into all our arrangements. We like to think of it as winter’s unsung hero!


Winter flowers are topping the seasonal style charts with their warm, inviting styles. From mood boosting blooms to flowers that instantly cosy up your home, it couldn’t be easier to embrace the beauty of the colder season. We’ve got the pick of the floral bunch in store and online for you to choose from, so why not invite some winter magic into your home from our stunning Winter Collection. We’ve got winter all wrapped up.

Warm and Welcoming Winter Blooms to Spruce up Your Home This January